OOR Round 10 Round Up – Austria & Great Britain Update

Written by SWO Fail

Guten Tag! This week the German Grand Prix makes a return to the calendar as we take a look at the last two rounds in OOR after Austria and Great Britain. Without further ado let’s have a look at the updated constructors standings, focus on the Driver’s Championship in Oceania Tier 3 and have a look at some of the biggest performers in the last fortnight.

All Tiers Constructors’ Championship

As is becoming a trend now Renault continues its absolute dominance at the top of the field while the race for the podium places continues to heat up. Over the last two weeks Ferrari has managed to jump Red Bull for second in the overall WCC, while Toro Rosso remains right in the hunt, closing the gap to Red Bull each week.

Further down the field, a series of excellent results for Sauber brings them right into the mix, zeroing in on the teams in front of them. Meanwhile, Mercedes and Williams both reduced the gap to 8th placed McLaren.

Oceania Tier 1 – 4 Pace Comparison

Looking at the pace of each of the tiers in OOR we can see some interesting differences both between and within each group of drivers.

Each blue box represents the middle 75% of times for each tier at the races in Monaco, Canada and Austria. The black tails extending in each direction show the overall range of times, while the horizontal red line indicates the average pace for the tier.

It is of course no surprise to see tier 1 is the fastest tier from Oceania, however, it is interesting to note the range of times in each group. Keep a look out for the midfield battles in both Tier 1 and Tier 4 as these drivers have the smallest gaps in pace between them!

Oceania Tier 3 Drivers’ Championship

Turning our attention to the madness of the Tier 3 Driver’s Championship we can see just how many place changes have been happening. The last couple of weeks have led to some major changes with HashtagTurtle and Konan motoring along in the championship to 2nd and 4th place respectively.

Tier 3 has had 7 different race winners alone, and the season is still far from over. It will be interesting to see if Konan can maintain his push to the top of the table as the highest points scorer in the past few weeks. Further down the order NimbleEel has started powering through the places, moving from 9th to 6th in just 2 weeks. Finally, Mr 16.9 himself, LanceFromFrance is showing some promising pace to match his huge efforts from the start of the season in the coming European rounds.

Round 8 Movers and Shakers

Congratulations to DogRyan100, My Namea Jeff, Simon, Surprisenberg and FantasticBoard who have been the biggest outperformers in the last two weeks.

Also a shout out to the drivers pushing the furthest up the order since our last check in.

The Coming Weeks

Now that we’re into the full swing of the European rounds it’s going to be important to see who the most versatile drivers are in order to capitalise on the varying track profiles coming up. From the balanced tracks of the Hockenheimring, to the high downforce demands of the Hungaroing, finally moving to the fan favourite temples of speed at Spa-Francorchamps and Monza.

Good luck and good racing!