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31 JANUARY 2023

For those brand new to sim racing and/or more particulary Assetto Corsa Competizione, this series will be right up your alley and a perfect way to dip your feet into ACC and OOR.


The series will be aimed at allowing you to race and compete in a beginner ranked series that is a little less daunting than our full blown Sprint, Endurance or special events.


It will still feature our usual rules and regulations, attendance sheet and protocols, but in a more relaxed environment and with drivers of similar experience.


The series will span 9 rounds and follow the same schedule as our Sprint Series (including 1 extra round), which gives us a larger scope for teaching and education.


Max grids will be 40 cars (subject to change), held on a Tuesday night and include two stewards per split.


You are able to select any of the current gen GT3 cars and this is the car you must stick with for the 8 round seasons.


We will allow one car change per season, but we do prefer you stick it out with your chosen car as this will help in your improvement and learning.

This series covers 9 rounds with two different round formats. 


Platform: Assetto Corsa Competizione

Live Stewards: Yes

Broadcasted: No

DLC Required (If participating in all events): ICGT, BGT

Entry Fee: Free

Total Rounds: 9

Server Location: Sydney (Asia/Pacific), Berlin (Europe) & New York (North America).

Ping Requirement: <300 

Max Drivers Per Split: 40

Car Class: GT3

Driver Class: Silver

Car Swaps Allowed: Allowed

Custom Liveries: No


Further series information and settings are on the Discord.

Only the following GT3 cars are available to be chosen in the series:


  • – Aston Martin V8 Vantage
  • – Audi R8 LMS Evo II
  • – Bentley Continental (2018)
  • – BMW M4
  • – Ferrari 488 Evo
  • – Honda NSX Evo
  • – Lamborghini Huracan Evo
  • – Lexus RC F
  • – McLaren 720S
  • – Mercedes-AMG (2020)
  • – Nissan GT-R Nismo (2018)
  • – Porsche 991 II R

Format 1 – Modified Sprint


Server opens 30 minutes prior to the mandatory Practice 2 session.


Practice 2: 15 Minutes

Qualifying: 15 Minutes

Race: 45 Minutes


  • – 1 Mandatory Stop
  • – Pit Window (50 Mins)
  • – Refuelling Allowed



Format 2 – Double Trouble


Server opens 30 minutes prior to the mandatory Practice 2 session.


Practice 2: 10 Minutes

Qualifying 1: 10 Minutes

Race 1: 25 Minutes

Qualifying 2: 10 Minutes 

Race 2: 25 Minutes


– No Mandatory Stops

Settings relating to each round are viewable on our Discord


Some general settings used for this series:


Time Multiplier: 1
Racing Line: Allowed
Auto Steer (Pad): Disabled
Stability Control Level Max: 0
Pit Limiter: Manual
Auto Gears: Allowed
Auto Clutch: Allowed
Auto Wiper: Allowed
Auto Lights: Allowed


Points are not tracked for the Rookie Series.


131 Jan14:002DRYNONOPaul Ricard
27 Feb14:002DRYNONOMount Panorama
314 Feb14:002DRYNONOBrands Hatch
421 Feb21:001NIGHTNONOMisano
528 Feb14:001DRYYESYESSnetterton
67 Mar21:002NIGHTNONOSuzuka
721 Mar14:001DRYYESYESDonington Park
828 Mar14:002DRYNONOHungaroring
94 Apr14:001DRYYESYESBarcelona


This series and all of our series and events in OOR are managed and hosted on Discord.

Please make sure you have joined our Discord Server prior to registering to the series.


If you are an OOR Patreon, you are eligible for the end of season prize draw.


Whilst this series isn’t live broadcasted, please feel free to follow our YouTube channel.