To ensure that everything runs swiftly and smoothly within our community, we have a member application process that all new drivers must complete in order to join us in OOR.

When applying to join OOR for the first time, please ensure that both these steps are completed – otherwise we have no way of getting hold of you and won’t be able to finalise your application.

This process is extremely important in how we run our community and the leagues and events within.

Step 1 – Member Application

Your first port of call is your Member Application Form. This form MUST be completed in full and filled in truthfully and accurately.

On the form you will come across the question regarding your “Driver Alias”. This is what you will be known as, within OOR.

Rules for your Driver Alias name.

  • Must be no longer than 13 characters.
  • Must not contain any profanity.
  • Just your first name is not acceptable (CoolHandLuke is acceptable though).
  • Must not contain non-alphanumeric characters (unless given approval by admins).
  • Names with full caps are not accepted. (Eg. BLADERUNNER, will be entered as Bladerunner or BladeRunner).

You’ll also be asked to make sure you have read and understood our Rules & Regulations. This is essential into being allowed to join OOR.

To view these rules – click here.

Apply Here

Step 2 – Join Our Communities

Now that you have filled out the necessary forms, you’ll now need to join our communities so we can get in touch with you.

Join Steam – Click Here
Join Discord – Click Here

If you have followed these steps, you are now finished!

Thank you for completing your Member Application form, an OOR admin will be in touch with you in the not so distant future.