This series will resume after the release of Codemasters F1 2020 (due out in June). Meanwhile, we have an F2 Series available.

Our very first official series, launching in October 2017, our OOR F1 series has continued to go from strength to strength since it’s inception, with leagues now held in Oceania, Asia and North America.

Our F1 series is held on the Codemasters F1 titles, with Season 5 hosted on F1 2019.

We stream our top tiers live on Twitch Sunday Night’s from 5:00pm AEST, we keep track of all our results and standings for every season on our website/database and we run this series through our official F1 series discord server, with attendance sheets, team channels, practice lobbies and much much more!

The following settings and assist restrictions are confirmed settings for Season 5 on F1 2019 and are subject to change upon game release.

Series Wide Settings and Rules

Practice Length: None
Qualifying Length:
Short (18 mins)
Race Length:
Car Performance: Equal
Cars Used: F1 2019
Grid Size: 20
Weather: Dynamic
Session Start Times: Official
Assists: Series Specific (Check Below)

Parc Ferme: On
Collisions: On
Damage & Tyres: Full Damage, Sim Tyres
Ghosting: Off
Car Setups: Full
Safety Car: On
Rules and Flags: On
Corner Cutting: Strict
Formation Lap: Off
Race Starts: Manual

Champion & Driver Series Specific Rules

Champion Series
Braking AssistOff
Traction ControlOff
Pit EntryOff
Pit ReleaseOff
Racing LineCorners Only
Devices Allowed:Wheel or Pad
Driver Series
Braking AssistOff
Traction ControlAny
Pit EntryOff
Pit ReleaseOff
Racing LineAny
Devices Allowed:Any