Octane Online Racing

OOR F1 Rules and Regulations – Season 3

Table Of Contents
  • 1. Registration

    1. Member Application Form
    2. Series Registration Form
    3. Stream Group
    4. Discord Server
    5. Headset and Microphone
  • 2. League Racing Sessions

    1. Marking Attendance
    2. Discord Lobby
    3. Lobby Start Times
    4. Race Officials
    5. Race Hosts
    6. Disconnections
    7. Race Strategy Screen
    8. Radio Chatter
    9. Leaving Session/Rage Quitting
    10. Tyre Strategy
    11. Twitch Stream

1. Registration

1.1 Member Application Form

In order to join and compete in any of our league racing series, you will need to complete our Member Application Form.

These details help us to set-up your driver profile and to ensure us that we have all the correct information when registering you to a league series, which in turn we will use to display you correctly in leaderboards, social media posts and use on our streams.

1.2 Series Registration Form

Once you have completed the Member Application Form, you will now need to fill out your desired series registration form(s).

1.3 Steam Group

As we are a PC based community, you will need to have a Steam account that does not have any VAC bans on it within the past 12 months (If you do, you’ll need to discuss with an admin first).

You will also need to join our Steam Group, which will make it easier for you to add our admins, race hosts and other drivers in order to join our racing lobbies.

1.4 Discord Server

Those unfamiliar with Discord, will soon fall in love. We use Discord to communicate 90% of all league and race information, host our league races, hold open lobbies and chat to other members on varying topics and games.

You will need to have created a Discord account, if you do not currently have one.

  • To join our Main Discord Channel here – CLICK HERE
1.5 Headset and Microphone

For our league races, all drivers are required to be in the their specific league channel for the race and qualifying session. This is vitally important for any information that might need to be passed on prior to the session commencing, any restarts we might have to do and also to most importantly, communicate with other drivers during the session.

2. League Race Sessions

2.1 Marking Attendance

For us to be able to provide the best league experience possible, you will be required to mark your attendance for your upcoming race on our Discord channel.

On Discord, each league has their own attendance channel, and you simply need to mark yourself as !in (IN) or !out (OUT) for the upcoming race, in the chat box.

You must do this at least 48 hours prior to your upcoming league race.

If you are unsure if you can make it due to a late engagement, mark yourself as !in and let your League Admin know of your circumstance so he is aware.

Those that continually fail to mark their attendance 48 hours prior to race will be penalised.

  • 1st and 2nd Offence: Warning.
  • 3rd, 4th & 5th Offence: Qualifying Ban.
  • 6th+ Offence: Race Ban.
2.2 Discord Lobby

All our drivers are required to be on Discord and have joined their respective leagues Race Lobby, prior to the commencement of Qualifying.

Push-To-Talk is enforced for our league race sessions, so you will need to ensure that you have sorted out your button mapping on your Wheel/Controller/Keyboard prior to the session.

Only those competing in the upcoming race, as well as the race official, are allowed in the Race Lobby channel during the session.

2.3 Lobby Start Times

At OOR, we pride ourselves on offering a professional and well constructed league racing experience.

On top of that, we have a strict schedule to adhere to, with leagues following other leagues, as well as league races being streamed.

Current league start times (times shown in AEST):

  • Oceania – Champion Series – Tier 1: 8:00pm AEST
  • Oceania – Champion Series – Tier 2: 6:30pm AEST
  • Oceania – Driver Series – Tier 1: 5:00pm AEST
  • Oceania – Driver Series – Tier 2: 6:30pm AEST
  • Asia – Champion Series – Tier 1: 9:30pm AEST
  • Asia – Driver Series – Tier 1: 9:30pm AEST
  • North America – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC

All league sessions will start at these times SHARP.

We require all drivers to be in their specific race lobby on Discord and Steam 15 mins prior to commencement of that league, organised and ready to go.

If you are unable to make the start time and join during the Qualifying phase, you are still able to compete in the race, but you will be starting from the back of the grid.

If you are unable to make the start time and join after Qualifying has been completed, you’ll be unable to compete in that round and will need to leave the session.

We understand unexpected things pop up in real life, and if you do have any major issue, please message your Race Officials and let them know.

2.4 Race Officials

Each league will have two Race Officials. One of these officials will be in the Race Lobby channel on Discord for the entirety of the session and be watching the race. They report directly to the League Admin and will keep track of any indiscretions or concerns regarding to the league they are an official of.

The Race Officials are also responsible for:

  • All Steward enquiries post-race (explained further in the Stewards section).
  • Gathering and entering all Qualifying and Race Results.
  • Sharing any important league information amongst the drivers in the lobby.
  • Ensuring that all drivers are abiding by our Radio Chatter (rules in section 2.8)

Race Officials for Season 5 are:

  • Oceania – Champion Series – Tier 1: TBC
  • Oceania – Champion Series – Tier 2: TBC
  • Oceania – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC
  • Oceania – Driver Series – Tier 2: TBC
  • Asia – Champion Series – Tier 1: TBC
  • Asia – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC
  • North America – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC
2.5 Race Hosts

Each league will have a dedicated Race Host, who is responsible for setting up the lobbies rules and getting it prepared for the session.

You are to join on this driver once he/she has indicated the lobby is up and ready to go. All drivers are required to listen and obey instructions given out by their Race Host.

The Race Host could be a fellow driver or it could be the Race Official, this is internet dependent.

The Race Hosts for Season 5 are:

  • Oceania – Champion Series – Tier 1: TBC
  • Oceania – Champion Series – Tier 2: TBC
  • Oceania – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC
  • Oceania – Driver Series – Tier 2: TBC
  • Asia – Champion Series – Tier 1: TBC
  • Asia – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC
  • North America – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC
2.6 Disconnections (D/C)

With any online game, disconnections will happen. Whether they are in your control or not, we do need to make sure that races and streams kick off at the appropriate times. Unfortunately, these things generally cannot be helped. So we’ve put in a place a D/C System.

A D/C will have different implications depending on what stage of the session is currently active.

2.6.1 Qualifying Session

This includes as soon as the game loads from the lobby screen, until qualifying commences.

  • If you get D/C before the session starts, you are able to rejoin the session, but will be unable to participate in Qualifying.
  • If you get D/C during the session, you are able to re-join and continue Qualifying (unless Qualifying has concluded).
2.6.2 Race Session

This includes anytime between when Qualifying ends, to when the race gets underway (lights go out).

All drivers are allowed 1 lobby restart per season, with no more than 1 restart being allowed for any race session. This will reset each season.

First D/C For Session:

  • If they have used their 1 free restart previously – we do not restart.
  • If they have NOT used their 1 free restart – they can use their 1 free restart.

Third D/C For Session:

  • No restarts permitted, session will commence without those that D/C.

To use your 1 free restart, just announce to your race official on Discord that you would like to use it ASAP.

If your internet goes out, the race lobby countdown screen has not commenced and we do not hear from you for more than 2 minutes, we will commence the race.

If your internet has gone out and the race lobby countdown screen has commenced and we do not hear from you before race starts, the race will continue to commence.

We encourage all drivers to have their phone nearby. This is so you can message your league’s race official if you lose internet connection.

You will be allowed only 5 minutes to get your internet back up again or we will resume the race without you.

2.7 Race Strategy Screen

After Qualifying has been completed, we will then load into the Race Strategy screen prior to the race commencing.

It is vitally important that you DO NOT PRESS START under any circumstances. If you do so early, we will need to restart the lobby.

We must leave ample time for all drivers to sort their race strategy/car setups and fuel loads prior to starting the race.

Only the Race Host is allowed to press start, once he is aware that everyone is ready to go.

If you do happen to accidentally press start and there are drivers that are not ready and the lobby needs to be restarted, you will incur a 5 place grid penalty upon the lobby being restarted.

If you happen to do it a second time, in another race, you will receive 10 place grid penalty and a 5 place penalty post-race.

2.8 Radio Chatter

Drivers are required to be able to hear ALL communications and not be on mute for the session. Whilst you are not required to speak during the session, it does certainly help.

A few example of things that are permitted to be discussed over the radio once session is underway:

  • Pit strategy with team-mate,
  • Track position if making a move or overtaking a blue-flagged car,
  • Any incidents or flags people might want to be mindful of,
  • Notifying the drivers if they are starting a hot lap etc,
  • Letting a faster car know if you are letting them past.

Communication over the Radio is to be kept to a minimum during the entirety of the session. Abusing other drivers, screaming or shouting, unwanted noise (background sounds), unnecessary chatter is not permitted during the session.

  • If you break these rules, you will receive a warning post-race and possibly even be muted during the race.
  • If you break the rules a second time, you may receive a Qualifying ban and be muted for the race.
  • If you continue to break the rules, we have the right to remove you from the league.
2.9 Leaving Session/Rage Quitting

We understand that you may get frustrated during the race, but you need to be mature about it.

We expect ALL our drivers who take to the grid, to attempt to complete every race they enter.

  • Any driver found to have deliberately DNF’ed, Retired From Session or simply just left the session on purpose during a race without returning, will receive a race ban the following race.
  • Any driver found to have done this a second time, will be removed from the series.

We understand there will be situations/circumstances that come up that require you to attend to immediately. If this happens, you are permitted to leave the session, but you must retire the car in the pits and leave the session appropriately by using the in-game menus.

DO NOT leave the session by pressing Alt-F4 under any circumstances.

2.10 Tyre Strategy

Following the conclusion of your race, all drivers are required to enter the tyres they used during the race into the Tyre Strategy channel on Discord.

We enter these details into our race results spreadsheets and collect/keep all this information in our race records.

Simply use the Emoji’s on Discord to display what tyres you have used during the race.

Please ensure you enter this correctly! This includes if you DNF’d lap 1 and never pitted. Your starting tyre counts as a tyre used.

2.11 Twitch Stream

We stream many of our league races, with our F1 series currently on action on Twitch each week.

2.11.1 Watching Stream When Racing

You are permitted to have the stream running in the background whilst you race, permitting that it doesn’t affect your ability on track or make your internet connection to the lobby extremely poor. If so, we do ask that you close your browser whilst racing allowing yourself more bandwidth to compete in our league races.

2.11.2 Twitch Chat

We aren’t a kindergarten class, and nor do we tolerate any abuse or hate towards other drivers, regardless of circumstances. If your race ends prematurely and you wish to watch the stream, you may certainly do so, by leaving the game as indicated in section 2.9.

In no way shape or form are you to join the Stream post-race and commence to complain or moan about any incidents you were involved with during race that another driver may have caused. This is why we have Race Officials and a Stewards Enquiry system in place. Abide by this.

On top of that, any ill-directed comments by any of our OOR drivers caught on Twitch Chat, is also not acceptable whatsoever.

  • If you are found to have breached these rules, you will receive a qualifying ban the following race.
  • You breach this rule a second time, you will receive consequent race bans per offence.
2.12 Steam Names and Driver Alias

We pride ourselves on providing an organised and structured league series, this also includes the visual aspect of league racing.

All drivers must ensure that there name is set and displayed correctly on Steam, for ANY OOR league race and practice that they take part in.

You may display your name in two different ways:

  • OOR | Driver Alias
  • OOR | Joe Bloggs (Driver Alias)

This helps all other OOR drivers know who is racing, it makes our leagues look well organised, it helps to promote OOR and above all, it allows us to work as a team to demonstrate a defined structure within OOR.

ONLY display the tag with your registered alias. Anyone that is found to display the tag with an inappropriate comment/word will be removed. You are representing OOR, please be respectful.

You don’t need to display the OOR tag at any other stage during the week/weekend.

Those that fail to display their name correctly can incur penalties, eg. quali or race bans.

Thank you.