Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas/Holiday period and spent some much deserved time on the couch, at the beach, beside a pool or simply in bed recovering from a huge 2018.

We can’t wait to dig our heels into 2019, so we’ve launched our new branding to kick things off.

Yes we know we have changed a couple of times already, but we’re merely in our infancy as a brand and finding your true identity takes a bit of time. We know which direction we would love to take OOR and we feel that our new look not only showcases this, but gives everyone a platform to build from in 2019.

We’ll have heaps to add and update for all things Octane Online Racing in the next month or so, which will set us up for an exciting and extremely fun 2019.

A big welcome to all our new members over the past couple of months and a huge thank you and welcome back to all our current returning members and supporters.

We’ll be endeavouring to keep in touch with news updates a lot more regularly this year so stay tuned!

See you on the track!

Neale Alexander (Mullock)
Octane Online Racing Owner/Admin