Penalty & Licence Point System

Season 5 – F1 Series

Octane Online Racing utilizes a Penalty & Licence Point System for ALL drivers in our F1 Series. This will be in effect for all League Races (this includes qualifying) and everyone competing in this series must abide by these rules at all times.

While not competitive league races, these rules also apply to official practice sessions run during the week by Octane Online Racing members and separate penalties may be applicable for unacceptable driving standards and behaviour.

Steward / Enquiry Process

If you believe you were involved in an incident that should be looked at by a steward, this is the process you must follow.

  1. Gather any evidence you may have (video/screenshots).
  2. Include any other details that may help in the enquiry process.
  3. Send it to one of your Race Officials.

That’s it. There is to be NO public postings on our Discord, no outbursts on Twitch and no abusive messages to any driver whatsoever – be mature, be responsible and be calm. Accidents happen and people are also learning.

Anyone found guilty to be breaking these rules will be dealt with accordingly. Repeat offenders will be removed from league racing altogether.

When a decision has been reached by the stewards, they will contact the drivers involved and explain the outcome to those involved. The decision will then be posted in the relevant #penalties channel in the specific tier channel.

All decisions are final and you are to respect the stewards decision.

Race Officials

Oceania – Champion Series – Tier 1: TBC
Oceania – Champion Series – Tier 2: TBC
Oceania – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC
Oceania – Driver Series – Tier 2: TBC
Asia – Champion Series – Tier 1: TBC
Asia – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC
North America – Driver Series – Tier 1: TBC

Licence Points

Each driver in the league begins the season with a fresh licence with 0 points. If a driver receives a penalty, they will also be issued with licence points varying depending on the severity of the penalty. Once you’ve reached a total of 10 points, you will receive an automatic qualifying ban for the next league race, or the next league race you participate in, whichever comes first. Once you accumulate 20 points you will receive a race ban for the next race.

You will receive a penalty and licence points for infringements that fall into one of (but not limited to) the following categories:

  • Causing a collision
  • Dangerous driving
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour

Such infringements that can warrant a penalty include (but are not limited to); excessive weaving, dive bombing, brake checking, dangerous re-entry to the track, causing a collision/DNF, illegally blocking another driver, forcing another driver off track, going off track and gaining an advantage and manually resetting to the track in either league qualifying or race sessions.

There may be situations where additional licence penalty points, immediate race bans, disqualifications or adjustments to the final race classification may be made at the stewards’ discretion if an incident is significantly worse than usual or extreme in nature.

There are also other incidents which may occur that are not listed above that may warrant penalty points being added to a driver’s licence or warnings being issued to driver(s).

The amount of licence penalty points a driver receives for an incident is determined based on the severity of the incident and is as follows:

  • Warnings & 1-3 licence points: Minor incidents/infringements
  • 4-6 licence points: Moderate incidents/infringements
  • 7+ licence points: Significant/extreme incidents/infringements

Stewards will issue a driver with licence points that they deem appropriate for the incident/infringement and will use both current season penalties and historical penalty data as a guideline to hand out penalties.


Individual penalties are still applied with the addition of the licence points system. Additional time penalties will be given to those who receive penalties from stewards post-race.
The following penalties will be applied for a driver if the stewards are involved and find a driver at fault in a single race session:

  • 1-3 Points – 3 second time penalty
  • 4-6 Points – 5 second time penalty
  • 7+ Points – 10 second time penalty

The following penalties will be applied for a driver if their licence accrues a number of points totalling:

  • 10 Points – Qualification Session Ban
  • 20 Points – Race Ban

The number of points received for a specific incident will be determined by the racing stewards against the evidence received for the incident. There may be situations where the stewards assign a greater or lesser number of points for a specific incident depending on the severity, its effect on other drivers and its impact on the race and its result. There may also be situations where, at the stewards’ discretion, they assign only licence points or only a time penalty for an incident/infringement depending on the circumstances and the driver(s) involved.

On Track Rules

Excessive Weaving
  • More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. If a driver has moved off the racing line while defending their position, they may move back but must ensure there is at least one car’s width between their own car and the edge of the track.
  • This also includes intentionally pushing/driving cars off the track, into a wall or into another car.
Dive Bombing
  • Any intentional or reckless dive bomb (braking super late into the inside of a corner for eg.) that causes any level of damage or retirement of another driver.
  • If the Dive Bomb causes another driver to have to leave the track in order to avoid a collision and you gain an advantage.
Brake Checking
  • Whilst the car behind is responsible for avoiding running into the back of you, brake checking is not acceptable in any way shape or form.
  • Intentionally slamming on your brakes in areas where braking isn’t expected, causing the car behind to run into the back of you or off the track.
  • Going into the first corner of a race, please be aware and mindful that drivers will brake earlier than normal to avoid collisions and to allow the safe taking of the first few corners with heavy traffic congestion.
  • When under a safety car, be mindful of hard brake checking to warm your tyres. You must not attempt to hard brake check when the SC field is bunched up awaiting to restart.
Re-Entering Track
  • The onus is on the driver who is off track to re-enter in a safe manner. Causing any level of damage or retirement to another driver, or forcing another driver to take evasive action is unacceptable.
  • Unsafely re-entering the track and causing other drivers to leave their racing line is unacceptable.
  • Manually using the reset to track option when off track to get back onto the track faster is unacceptable.
Gaining An Advantage
  • Drivers who leave the track under any circumstances are not permitted to gain an advantage from leaving the track and must re-enter the track in a safe manner. Gaining an advantage may be interpreted as (but is not limited to); going off track and gaining time, illegally overtaking another driver, maintaining a position ahead of another driver or driving in a manner which unfairly disadvantages other drivers and/or unfairly gives you an advantage.
Blue Flags
  • Blue Flags will be shown if you are about to be lapped by a driver ahead of you in the race.
  • If you are the one being blue flagged, you are required to safely and sensibly allow the car behind to pass at an appropriate place on the track.
  • If you are approaching a car who is being blue flagged, you too are required to also safely and sensibly pass the car ahead.
Safety Car
  • Going unnecessarily slow under SC or VSC in order for you or your team-mate to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Any unsportsmanlike driving to hold up the field prior to catching back up to the SC.
Hot Lap

A Hot Lap is a lap in which you are going to be aiming to set a qualifying time.

  • When starting a Hot Lap, you must state this over the radio (Discord).
  • Be mindful of others that are on Hot Laps, intentionally or recklessly crashing into other drivers is not acceptable.

An Outlap is when you have just left the pit lane and are doing a lap before starting a Hot Lap.

  • You must ensure you are not on the racing line at any stage if someone is approaching you on Hot Lap.
  • Make sure to give yourself enough space to the car in front of you before beginning a Hot Lap to allow for any errors that they may make.
  • If you are the lead car (first out on track), it’s up to you to ensure you don’t bunch the field up.
  • There’s no need to warm tyres in-game as they come out of the pits at optimal temperature.

An Inlap is when you have finished doing a Hot Lap(s) and are in the process of heading back to the pits.

  • You must ensure you are not on the racing line at any stage if someone is approaching you on Hot Lap or Outlap.
  • Again, communication is key. Use the voice channel to let others know if you are on a Hot Lap/Inlap/Outlap.
Corner Cutting
  • Excessively cutting corners that the game is not picking up on to gain an advantage, is not acceptable.
  • If you have accidentally gained an advantage cutting a corner, we ask that you back off on that lap and start another.
  • Cutting corners at speed on an in lap during qualifying to get back to the pits faster to get another run in is unacceptable and will incur license penalty points.
Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

This is a catch-all rule that includes anything which may be deemed unfair, devious, exploitive or not in the spirit of racing by the stewards and/or race official. We expect certain standards of driving and sportsmanship from all our drivers and failure to meet and uphold those standards is in breach of this rule.

This is a living document and rules are subject to change or be added as the season progresses. Any changes will be posted via our announcement channels on Discord.