OOR F1 – Round 15 Round Up

Singapore Update

Written by SWO Fail

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since our last update so let’s jump right in and take a look at where we’re at in season 3 now that we’re out of the European rounds. We’ll be having a look at the state of the overall constructors championship, comparing the pace of our Oceania tiers and taking a look at the title fight in Tier 4.

All Tiers Constructors Championship

Much to no one’s surprise Renault continues to absolutely decimate the field week on week. Nothing drives this point home more than Renault being one of the top 3 scoring teams in 14 of the 15 rounds this season.

As expected, the fight for 2nd has finally come to a head with Red Bull, Sauber, Ferrari and Toro Rosso separated by only 76 points. Sauber has flown through the ranks, being the top scoring team in 3 of the last 5 weeks, moving from 5th to 3rd overall – and hot on Red Bull’s heels.

Further down the order McLaren is challenging Haas for 6th after a couple of excellent weeks and Williams has moved into 9th, surpassing Mercedes after Monza and now with Force India in their sights.

Oceania Tier 1 – 4 Pace Comparison

Taking a quick look at the top 4 Oceania tiers makes shows the clear difference in speed between each of the groups of drivers.

Each gold box represents the middle 75% of times for each tier at the races in Germany, Hungary and Italy. The white tails extending in each direction show the overall range of times (excluding single fastest and slowest time).

Tier 1 remains consistently the fastest group of drivers, but it is interesting to see how much of a cross-over there is between the groups. Despite covering over 70 active drivers, the Oceania tiers are so close that the top 25% of drivers in tier 4 can post times which would be competitive in tier 1.

Oceania Tier 4 Drivers’ Championship

Tier 4 has been one of the more one-sided championships throughout season 3. Honist’s absolute domination of early season is clear to see, so much so that it took 5 non-starts for his lead to be surpassed.

It will be fascinating when Honist returns to fight CaptainOGold through to the end of the season. Further down the order things are much closer with 4th to 7th place spread over only 17 points. Finally, some new challengers have emerged who could soon join the fray. The addition of HypedUp and Markeleh, will be interesting to watch given their absolutely superb performances in their tier 4 races.

The Coming Weeks

The European section of the season has come to an end as we move toward some of the most diverse tracks of the year. The differing challenges of Russia, Japan, and the Americas will present some unique results in terms of driver performance and car setup.

Who will be able to capitalise and who can make the most of the end of the season? We can only wait and see to find out who will prevail in season three!

Good luck and good racing!