As we kick-off our F2 Series for the first time on Sunday, here is some important information in relation to F2 and the series itself.
This information is important as whilst F2 and F1 are quite similar, they are also very different.
First up, the race format.
In Formula 2, the race weekend consists of 1 one-shot qualifying and 2 Races. The Feature Race (Longer Race), and the Sprint Race. Both races will be 50% in-game distance.


– One-Shot Qualifying will be used. The reason we will use One-Shot Qualifying is because the only other option, “Full” qualifying, is a 30 minute long session, which is way too long for you guys to sit through.
– One VERY important thing about One-Shot Qualifying, and your Race Official will remind you of this at the time, but when you load into the session and you are in the garage, if you click the “Go To Track” button, it will start a 30 second countdown timer and once that timer is completed every car will be sent to the track, similar to the start of the race. Do NOT press this button until your race official instructs you to do so. The reason for this is because we want to give drivers the opportunity to make sure that they have the right setup on their car before they begin the session. The wait before we let drivers hit the Go To Track button usually shouldn’t be much longer than 1 minute.


– In the Feature Race, you must use both tyre compounds during the race (Formula 2 only has 2 different tyre compounds per weekend).
– In the Sprint Race, you do not have to do a pit-stop, you are allowed to go the full race distance without stopping.
– In the Feature Race/Race 1, you can start on whatever tyre you want, regardless of qualifying position. For example, you can start on pole position by using the Soft tyre in qualifying, but you can start the race on the Medium tyre if you wish to do so.