We’re proud to announce registrations are open for Season 3 of our ACC Contender Series.

This series is hosted on Tuesday and Thursday nights in Asia/Pacific and North America, with expressions of interest for Europe.

Season 3 contains:

  • 15 Rounds (All tracks covered, including DLC)

  • Combination of Sprint and Endurance Rounds (Sprint = 2x30min races, Enduro = 1x60min race)

  • Race Officials for each tier and a full stewarding team.

  • Live stream on our partnered Twitch Channel ( https://www.twitch.tv/octaneonlineracing )

  • Varying rules per event with: mandatory pit-stops, our own safety car, in-race penalties etc.

  • Focus on solo driving but drivers placed in teams with mixed Pro and Am drivers per team for balance and driver education.

  • Mixed class Tiers.

  • A large, fast growing and extremely friendly community.

  • Dedicated servers hosted by a world class Internet Service Provider.

To register for this series head to: click here and follow the prompts!

We hope to see you on track soon!