For those that would like to participate in our ACC Series on Kunos’ Assetto Corsa Competizione – this series is based on the Blancpain GT Series and features GT3 cars.

Season 2 will commence in mid-November, and we’ll be expanding the series even further!

It contains a mixture of Sprint, Endurance, Shootout and Super Endurance (events explained below) races over 11 rounds on all 11 available circuits.

This series is held on Thursday Nights (Oceania/Asia) from 8:00pm AEDT.

Some features of the series:

🔘 Professionally organised and administered.
🔘 Dedicated servers hosted by our partners at launtel.
🔘 Features 10 different manufacturers (cars to be confirmed in near future).
🔘 11 different circuits.
🔘 Driver classes separated into two categories: PRO & SILVER.
🔘 Balance of skill and experience across both all tiers to utilise classes and share experience.
🔘 Our own OOR Safety Car.
🔘 Race Officials for every league race.
🔘 Stewarding system.
🔘 Custom team liveries.
🔘 Fully functioning attendance sheet on our Discord Server.
🔘 All races streamed live on our Twitch channel.
🔘 An amazing, friendly and supportive community.
🔘 Reverse grids, mandatory pitstops, driver swaps, night racing, wet weather and much much more!

Sprint Challenge

Short, sharp and sweet – these quick fire races provide a non-stop test for all drivers. 

Each Sprint Challenge round consists of a blistering 6 min qualifying session followed by 2 x 30 minute races, each with their own unique characteristics.

Race 1 – Mandatory pit-stop for tyres after Lap 2.
Race 2 – Reverse grid based on results from Race 1 (conditions apply).

Endurance Cup

Combining all the elements of our Sprint rounds, the Endurance Cup races offer it all over a solid 60 min session.

Each Endurance Cup round consists of a 10 min qualifying session followed by 1 x 60 minute race.

Race 1 – Mandatory pit-stop for tyres between the 20 minute and 40 minute mark.


Brand new for Season 2, our epic Shootout Event will set the grid for our Super Endurance rounds.

Each Shootout will involve both drivers per team going to head to head against the other teams in 2 x 15 minute races.

Race 1 – Will involve Driver 1 from each team and the grid will be based on reverse championship order.
Race 2 – Will involve Driver 2 from each team and the grid will be based on reverse championship order also.

Super Endurance

Our first dedicated team event, the Super Endurance rounds pair up drivers to battle it out over a 3 hour race.

Each Super Endurance round consists of a 3 hour race with the grid pre-determined by our Shootout Event.

Race 1 – Mandatory pit-stop for each driver. Minimum stint time of 45% race time.

Season 2 Schedule (Provisional)

1Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT14th November 2019SprintHungaroringHungary
2Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT21st November 2019SprintSpa-FrancorchampsBelgium
3Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT28th November 2019EnduranceNurburgringGermany
4Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT5th December 2019SprintBrands HatchUnited Kingdom
5Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT12th December 2019EnduranceBarcelonaSpain
6Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT19th December 2019ShootoutPaul RicardFrance
6Saturday7:00pm AEDT21st December 2019Super EndurancePaul RicardFrance
7Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT9th January 2019SprintZandvoortNetherlands
8Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT16th January 2019EnduranceMonzaItaly
9Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT23rd January 2019SprintZolderBelgium
10Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT30th January 2019EnduranceSilverstoneUnited Kingdom
11Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT6th February 2019ShootoutSpaBelgium
11Saturday7:00pm AEDT8th February 2019Super EnduranceSpaBelgium
12Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT13th February 2019SprintMisanoItaly
13Thursday8:00pm AEDT9:30pm AEDT20th February 2019SprintPaul RicardFrance

Cars (Season 2)