This information is currently being updated and modified for our ACC Series – we will confirm when its completed.

Penalty & Licence Point System

Season 1 – ACC Series

With any league racing series, we have attached a Penalty or Licence Point system to it, so we can better adjudicate any racing incidents that crop up during the course of the year.

This will be in effect for ALL league races throughout the season.

1. Steward / Enquiry Process

1.1 Obtaining Evidence

First and foremost, we cannot capture or see every part of the track during the race, so if you do have an incident that you’d like to get looked at – the onus is on you to attempt to provide footage.

ACC is fantastic as you can save a full race, or keybind a hotkey to save highlights.

We highly encourage you at least have the latter set. By adding a keybind to save a highlight (and with that function set up correctly), you will quickly be able to take a look back at any highlight post-race and if you feel it should be looked at you can send it through to us.

1.2 Licence Points

Each driver has 20 licence points for a season.

  • You may be penalised between 1 or 2 points for certain incidents in which you have been found guilty of causing.
  • ALL lap 1 incidents are worth DOUBLE points. So, take it easy into Turn 1.
  • After you accrue 10 licence points, you will receive a qualifying ban for the next round (if Sprint Challenge, it will be for both qualifying sessions)
  • If you lose all 20 points during a season, you will receive a race ban for the next round.
  • If you are penalised again following your race ban, you will receive another race ban.
  • 3 x Race Bans equals removal from the series.
  • Driver Points reset at the end of the season.

For every licence point you receive for that race, you will also receive a matching place penalty – Eg. If you finish 4th and receive 2 licence points, you’ll be classified down two further positions from where you finished and now be classified 6th.

We are mainly looking to penalise incidents that involve ruining someone else’s race or significantly impacting someone else’s race.

1.3 Sending Incident Report

If you’d like to send through an incident report, please do the following:

  • Send any footage/evidence along with any other details to your Race Official.
  • Any incidents that are being reported, must be reported within 24 hours of the conclusion of the race involved.
  • Once this has been sent through, please allow 48-72 hours for the Race Official to take a look at the footage and to get in touch with the other drivers.
  • We will endeavour to get these done ASAP.

Stewards For Season 1 are: David McNulty (Bender) & Toby Williams (Borkanator) – we will add to this team during the season.

2. On Track Rules

2.1 Excessive Weaving

  • More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. If a driver has moved off the racing line while defending their position, they may move back but must ensure there is at least one car’s width between their own car and the edge of the track.
  • This also includes intentionally pushing/driving cars off the track, into a wall or into another car.

2.2 Dive Bombing

  • Any intentional or reckless dive bomb (braking super late into the inside of a corner for eg.) that causes any level of damage or retirement of another driver.
  • If the Dive Bomb causes another driver to have to leave the track in order to avoid a collision and you gain an advantage.

2.2 Brake Checking

  • Whilst the car behind is responsible for avoiding running into the back of you, brake checking is not acceptable in any way shape or form.
  • Intentionally slamming on your brakes in areas where braking isn’t expected, causing the car behind to run into the back of you or off the track.
  • Going into the first corner of a race, please be aware and mindful that drivers will brake earlier than normal to avoid collisions and to allow the safe taking of the first few corners with heavy traffic congestion.

2.3 Re-Entering Track

  • The onus is on the driver who is off track to re-enter in a safe manner. Causing any level of damage or retirement to another driver, or forcing another driver to take evasive action is unacceptable.
  • Unsafely re-entering the track and causing other drivers to leave their racing line is unacceptable.

2.4 Gaining An Advantage

  • Drivers who leave the track under any circumstances are not permitted to gain an advantage from leaving the track and must re-enter the track in a safe manner. Gaining an advantage may be interpreted as (but is not limited to); going off track and gaining time, illegally overtaking another driver, maintaining a position ahead of another driver or driving in a manner which unfairly disadvantages other drivers and/or unfairly gives you an advantage.

2.5 Blue Flags

  • Blue Flags will be shown if you are 1 second ahead of a car that’s a lap ahead of you.
  • You are not required to move off the racing line, but you are in no way shape or form to defend your position on the approaching car. “Maintain pace, but do not defend”.
  • For the cars that are lapping a car ahead, you are still required to overtake safely and in an appropriate part of the track.

2.6 Headlights & Indicators

  • For all day races, they are to remain OFF at all times.
  • For night races, they are to remain ON at all times.
  • For races that transition, its up to you to turn them on at an appropriate time.
  • Flashing or otherwise turning lights on or off when they shouldn’t be is not allowed at RWB and we don’t care if the “pro’s” do it. It’s bad sportsmanship.
  • The only time flashing lights is acceptable is to draw attention to another driver you are there such as when lapping and they have not gotten out the way in time.
  • Indicators are only to be used on entering the pits.

Breaking this rules will result in an instant DSQ.

2.7 Hot Lap

A Hot Lap is a lap in which you are going to be aiming to set a qualifying time.

  • Be mindful of others that are on Hot Laps, intentionally or recklessly crashing into other drivers is not acceptable.
  • Assume that all drivers are on a Hot Lap in Sprint Cup races, as you have 6 mins (2 x hotlaps) to set a time.

2.8 Outlap

An Outlap is when you have just left the pit lane and are doing a lap before starting a Hot Lap.

  • You must ensure you are not on the racing line at any stage if someone is approaching you on Hot Lap.
  • Make sure to give yourself enough space to the car in front of you before beginning a Hot Lap to allow for any errors that they may make.
  • If you are the lead car (first out on track), it’s up to you to ensure you don’t bunch the field up.

2.9 Inlap

An Inlap is when you have finished doing a Hot Lap(s) and are in the process of heading back to the pits.

  • You must ensure you are not on the racing line at any stage if someone is approaching you on Hot Lap or Outlap.
  • Again, communication is key. Use the voice channel to let others know if you are on a Hot Lap/Inlap/Outlap.
  • This is extremely unlikely to be an issue unless someone has made a mistake on a Hot Lap and is setting themselves up to try again.

2.10 Corner Cutting

  • Excessively cutting corners that the game is not picking up on to gain an advantage, is not acceptable.
  • If you have accidentally gained an advantage cutting a corner significantly, we ask that you back off on that lap and start another.
  • Cutting corners at speed on an in lap during qualifying to get back to the pits faster to get another run in is unacceptable and will incur license penalty points.

2.11 Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

This is a catch-all rule that includes anything which may be deemed unfair, devious, exploitive or not in the spirit of racing by the stewards and/or race official. We expect certain standards of driving and sportsmanship from all our drivers and failure to meet and uphold those standards is in breach of this rule.

This is a living document and rules are subject to change or be added as the season progresses. Any changes will be posted via our announcement channels on Discord.